Kalady – Adishankara Temple

One of the prime destinations in spiritual tourism Kalady is village placed east of the Periyar river in the Ernakulam district. It's the birthplace of Sri Adi Shankara a well known preacher, philosopher and a famous pilgrim centre.

Kalady found its place in the spiritual map of india when it was rediscovered in the late nineteenth century by the Shankaracharya of Sringeri and later on consecrated a temple for Sri Adi Shankara in 1910. Temples dedicated to Sri Sankara, Sarada Devi, Sri Krishna and Sri Ramakrishna adds to the sanctity of the place. Another place of visit in Kalady is the crocodile ghat which is believed to the place where Sri Sankara took his vows of renunciation. According to the legends, a crocodile caught hold of him and refused to unleash him till Sankara's mother Aryamba permitted him to accept Sanyas (renunciation).

How to Reach

Nearest bus station is Aluva, about 19 km.

Nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, about 7 km.

Nearest railway station is Angamali, about 8 km.

Shopping Areas

  • LULU shoping mall
  • Oberon Mall
  • Gold souk grande
  • Nucleus mall
  • central mall
  • penta menaka
  • Acer Mall
  • Kappad
  • Ernakulam Market
  • New color market

Main Hotel's

  • Hotel Aramana
  • Lotus 8
  • Flora Airport Hotel
  • KTDC Tamarind Kalady
  • Quality Airport Hotel