Boat Races

The boat race or the Vallam Kali of the Alapuzha is one to the main attractions of Kerala’s cultural heritage. The most pioneered one of the boat races is the Nehru Trophy conducted during the second Saturday in the month august in every year. The rain-drenched earth along with the magnificently ever flowing backwaters burst into song as over hundred thousand men and women gather on the banks to witness a spectacular regatta gala of the SNAKE BOAT . Race crews starts there practice months before the fine day of the competition. They live along, eat along, toil alongto figure themselves into a co-ordinated team. A splendid procession unfolds with all sorts of 'Kali-Vallangal' or sport BOATS, Led by the most important and therefore the most majestic of them, the 'Chundan'. As the rowers sing songs of ' Vanchi pattu ' to the rhythmic movement of the oars it creates a spell bounding a feast for the eyes and ears of the audience.The latest addition to the boat race is the one in connection with the GREAT ELEPHANT MARCH held on 19th of January every year. 'Champakkulam', 'Kavalam', 'Karichal', 'Jawahar Thayangari', 'Kallooparamban', 'Pacha', 'Pulinkunnu', 'Nadubhagam', 'Cheruthana', 'Kandangari' and 'Paippad' are the chief competitors for the trophies in the boat race .

How to Reach

Walk able distance from Alappuzha bus stand.

Nearest Airport is Nedumbaserry International Air port which is 86 kms from Alapuzha.

The venue is 5kms from Alappuzha railway station.

Shopping Areas

  • JJ shopping
  • Sharda Shopping Complex
  • National book stall
  • Krishna textiles shop
  • Kartikeyan Memorial Shoopping Complex
  • Aiswarya jewellery shop

Main Hotel's

  • Punnamada Resort
  • Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort
  • Pagoda Resorts
  • Palmgrove Lake Resort
  • Marina Rosh Inn