Legend tells us that Kerala rose up from the sea when Lord Parasurama threw his axe into it and the sea receded to bring up this narrow strip of land from underneath. Until the early 1980 Kerala was an unknown destination in the tourist map. Later on the creative marketing campaigns conducted by the Kerala tourism development corporation which oversees the tourist prospects of the state lead to the bloom of the tourism industry with a well adopted tagline of ‘Kerala- the Gods own country’ given it the well deserved place in the tourism industry of the nation.

Kerala is flanked by Arabian Sea in the west and Western Ghats on the east. Encompassing 1.18 percent of India's land area and located on the southernmost point of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala is a land of many things. From sandy beaches, lush paddy fields, serene backwaters, exotic wildlife, coconut trees, it has it all. In fact, National Geographic Traveller magazine voted Kerala as one of the 50 must-see places in the world. It is equally famous for its ayurvedic retreats.

Kerala is also incidentally the place where Vasco Da Gama first landed. The worth of the spices he took from Kerala to his native land is believed to be about 50 times more than the cost of the voyage he undertook to discover India.

Cultural Heritage
Kerala is famous for its fairs, festivals and artforms. Onam, is a harvest festival celebrated to commemorate the return of Mahabali, the asura king who ruled Kerala and was condemned to live his life in 'paathalam' after being deceived by Vishnu in the form of Vamana. The mesmerising crowd of 'Thissur pooram' festival, the spectacular tale from dance form of ‘Kathakali’, the fluidic dance movements of ‘mohiniyattam’, rustic fight moves of the ‘Kalaripayattu’, the temple worship ritual of ‘Theyyam’, the water sport festival of ‘Vellamkali’and the list goes on. The experience the enchanting moments and take back the unforgettable memories... Kerala Welcomes YOU and family...

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"Give me; give me God's own country! There to live and there to die, God's own
country! Fairest region resting 'neath the southern sky"
---Thomas Bracken