Kerala Cuisines – Food and Culture
The cuisines of Kerala are inspired by its cultural heritage and the generous availability of seafood, poultry and coconut. The usage of flavoured spices which are abundantly grown in Kerala along with the coconut oil is the indigenous part of Kerala food. Almost all dishes in Kerala has coconut and spices to flavour the native culinary art giving it a pointy pungency which is heightened with the utilization of tamarind, whereas coconut provides it with its richness, interesting a number of the tongue-teasing, pepper-hot flavours. The bizarre culinary art of Kerala brings to the fore the cooking experience of the people here. Creating numerous dishes which are believed to be some of the tastiest foods on earth, the people of Kerala are gourmets with a distinction.

Food Varieties – Taste of Kerala
Mostly the food is hot and spicy and some are contemporary, aromatic and flavoured. Keralites are usually fish-and-rice feeding individuals. Kerala cuisine is mostly combination of Vegetables, meats and food flavoured with a range of spices. Seafood is the main diet of Coastal Kerala. Whereas Vegetable is that the main diet in plains of Kerala and Meat is that the main course among social group and northern Kerala.

Food Menu – Tingling your taste buds
The vegetarian Sadhya comprising of a variety of dishes is the main attraction of the Kerala Cuisine. Almost all the vegetables go into the various dishes and the course meal ends with the dessert Payasam. The Malabar Biriyani of meat and flavourful basmati rice cooked in spices tingle your taste bud with its rich aroma and taste. Apart from the Biriyani, Variety of snacks, Dishes prepared using mussels, Fish and prawns are some of the items present the Malabar menu. The cuisine in Malabar is inspired by the Muslim majority in this region. The sweet dish prepared in this part of Kerala Kozhikode Halwa is famous in the entire world.

Banana chips are another speciality of Kerala Cuisine. The combos like Tapioca and Fish Curry (Kappa Meenkari), the south Indian flat bread and beef (Porotta and Beef Curry), Fermented rice pancake and stew (Appam and stew) the sumptuous and mouth watering delicacies are another must haves of Kerala Cuisine. The List is obviously endless as one can find that the Kerala cuisine is a vast ocean of numerous delicious dishes.

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"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."

------George Bernard Shaw