Thirunavaya Temple

Heritage and culture of Kerala has been enriched by a history which dates back to ages and temples play an profound role in the same. The famous Thirunavaya Temple of Malappuram, one of the most revered temples of Kerala. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple is a must visit places in Kerala.

The nine spiritually enlightened sons of 'Hrishabha', the King of Ayodhya, known as 'Navayogis' (Nine ascetics), were constant travelers. During their sojourn, they reached the confluence of the rivers 'Bagmathi' and 'Gantaki' from where the eldest son, Kavi, got a Salagrama of Vishnu. Salagramas are stones found in the Gantaki river basin in Nepal, with special marks like spiral, chakras, thread, etc. formed on them and considered as sacred with the presence of God Vishnu. Located on the banks of the River Bharathapuzha, the ancient Thirunavaya Temple is one of the major tourist attractions of Malappuram, The temple was the traditional venue for the historic ritual of the Mamankam festival, an enactment of traditional martial arts by suicide squads. During Karkidakavavu, people gather here at the banks of River Bharathapuzha, to perform the pithrukriya ritual for the departed souls.

How to Reach

coming from the southern districts of Kerala by train can get down at Kuttippuram and go by road along Tirur route for just 7 km.

Karipur International Airport is about 32 km away.

Thirunavaya Railway Station is around 1.5 km away.

Shopping Areas

  • Olive shopping mall
  • Alif shopping centre
  • Basma Manzil
  • fashion point
  • mayoori complex
  • Heyday shopping mall

Main Hotel's

  • Mahendrapuri Hotel
  • Emarald Ayurvedic Health Resort
  • Hill Fort
  • Soorya Regency Hotel
  • Hotel Grace Residency