Ezhimala is an ancient historical site which is the capital of ancient Mooshika Kings. It was one of the major battlefields of the Chola-Chera war. Ezhimala was considered a flourishing sea port and a centre of trade in ancient Kerala.

It is believed that Lord Budha had visited Ezhimala. An old mosque, believed to contain the mortal remains of Shaikh Abdul Latif, a Muslim reformist, is also located here. Bordered by sea on three sides, Ezhimala occupies a prominent place in the naval history of the country, as the Indian Naval Academy was set here in 2009.

Ezhimala Beach can be termed as one of the best beaches in Kannur. But now a major part of the beach belongs to Indian Navy and is a part of the Indian Naval Acadamy. As a result this sort of prevents the tourist from taking full benefits of this beach.

How to Reach

Nearest bus station is Kannur, about 32 km.

Nearest airport is Karipur International Airport, about 148 km.

Nearest railway stations are Payyannur, about 12 km; Kannapuram Railway Station, about 17 km; Kannur, via Pazhayangadi Rd, 33 km.

Shopping Areas

  • Kannur Mall
  • Mukund Mall
  • Akshaya Fabrics
  • Loknath weavers cooperative
  • Thana square Mall
  • Metro Home Hyper Market
  • Rajadhani Super Market

Main Hotel's

  • Kannur Beach House
  • Ezhara Beach House
  • Ocean Hues Beach House
  • Asokam Beach Resort
  • Kamala Prestige Beach Villa