Thalassery Fort

In 1700, the British built the Thalassery Fort on a small hill called Tiruvellapadkunnu. The fort is a square structure built of laterite and is distinguished by its massive ventilated walls and strong flanking bastions. It is said that a mixture of quicklime, white of egg and sugar candy were used in the construction of the fort. It was here that Raider captain was imprisoned.

The famous St. John's Anglican Church is behind this fort. Secret tunnels to the sea, beautifully craved doors and a beaming light house are some of the peculiarities of the Fort. There are two underground chambers in the light house that were believed to be used to store goods like pepper and cardamom. It is said that the coins of the East India Company were minted here.

Thalaserry fort is a nicely maintained fort with a garden in it. It gives a great view of the Sea. The fort is calm and less crowded giving it a very serene atmosphere that a tourist can cherish through out there life.

How to Reach

Thalassery new Bus Station is about 900 meters away.

Karipur International Airport is around 30 km away.

Thalassery Railway Station is 900 meters away.

Shopping Areas

  • Kannur Mall
  • Mukund Mall
  • Akshaya Fabrics
  • Loknath weavers cooperative
  • Thana square Mall
  • Metro Home Hyper Market
  • Rajadhani Super Market

Main Hotel's

  • Paris Presidency
  • Ayesha Manzil
  • Costa Malabari
  • Soubhagya Residency
  • Chera Rocks Beach Resort